Staying Grounded in the Heavens

This edition is dedicated to preserving and cultivating the essence of black cultural awareness. We must mold ourselves to be forwardly health conscious and readily available for service to our community – ASE

  • Stay Pumped! – Your health and well being is critical to our survival. We must collectively combat disease and poor health.
  • Stress in the Community – We live in a society that is stressful by design. Learn how this environment stunts our growth as a nation.
  • The Way of the Moor – Walk it Like I Talk It. Two brothers who are paying homage to a critical aspect of our culture down in the Big Easy!
  • Zodiac Breakdown: Virgo – Virgo is the sixth astrological sign and second largest constellation. What more can we learn from her?
  • Race Game – What is race in a global context? What is the purpose and philosophy behind the great divider?

Find Us Around the City
More distribution locations coming soon.

S.H.A.P.E. Family Center:
3815 Live Oak
Houston, TX 77004

Esther’s Cajun Cafe and Soul Food:
5204 Yale St.
Houston TX 77091

Just Cuttin Barber Studio:
1201 E Airtex Ste, E
Houston, TX 77073

5th Level Restarant:
3809 Market St
Houston, TX 77020

Sugar Rush Too Cake Gallery:
3929 Old Spanish Trail #200
Houston, TX 77021


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