JULY 2018

This edition is dedicated to our courageous brothers and sisters who served honorably in the defense of the civil freedoms and liberties that are often taken for granted. ASE

Our nation does so much to celebrate and honor soldiers who risk their lives on the battlefield but historically, Black veterans were more likely to be attacked for their service, rather than honored for it.

To be a soldier is to lay claim to the reverence that America sets aside for its former warriors, yet Black soldiers return home from war only infuriated and terrified White America.

At the onset of the Civil War, the Union didn’t allow Black soldiers to fight at all. There was concern over the morale of White soldiers’ and the respect that Black soldiers would feel entitled to when the war ended.

As death tolls increased, the Union relented; and by the end of the war, almost 200,000 Black men had enlisted. When WWI started, Blacks debated the merits of fighting for a country that denies them functional citizenship, yet 380,000 enlisted in the segregated Army.

Many hoped that their service would increase the standing of Blacks at home, but to White America, Black soldiers serving on the front-line undercut their claims of racial superiority, which their lives and economies were built on.

Let the record show that Black servicemen and women have built America (for Free), fought in its wars, bled on the battlefield and even died for this country.

Peace and Black Love


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