Hotepmag had an in depth look at the “Three Wise Men”, who represented Meleanated Men of Action and Blacklist. 

(From Left to Right) Bro. T Dot Ben, Atum Ra and Oreoluwa are helping to lead the charge of action in the community through community clean-ups, teaching young boys to be men and putting together social events to raise money to build a better tomorrow for our communities.  As community activist, husbands and leaders in the community they are taking the action necessary to secure a better today and tomorrow for our children. After, sitting with the brothers they discussed how Melenated Men of Action represents the community action, initiatives and rebuilding; whereas, Blacklist focuses on the economic collaboration of black business networking together to facilitate change through self-employment, urban economic job fairs and financial growth.

We want the city and the world to know how change is “action”.  We commend the Melenated Men of Action and Blacklist on their community activism and continued support of

Oui Juice Magazine
Sista Sense

Change is a consistent path for which one must elevate to understand.

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