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A standout amongst the most baffling images of Ancient Egypt is the Tet, or Djed. In spite of the fact that it was generally utilized as a religious symbol all through a great part of the history and geology of Ancient Egypt, the Djed speaks to the spinal cord and the opening the (Seven Souls of Ra) also known today as the “chakras” in the neighboring land of India (Hindu-stan).

Deciding its importance from its appearance alone is not a simple errand so we might take a portion of the recommended definitions and examine each separately. However, as a matter of first importance lets take a gander at the key components that make up the image.

Djed Esoteric Symbolism

According to Wallis Budge’s “The Book of the Dead”, the Djed is the oldest symbol of Osiris, and symbolizes his backbone and his body in general.  Budge’s accounts that Osiris (Ausar) was probably represented by the Djed alone, and that he had no other form.  He regards the Djed hieroglyph (Medu Neter) as a conventional representation of a part of his spinal column and gives its meaning as “to be stable, to be permanent, abiding, established firmly, enduring.”

Egyptian Ceremonial Rituals

The ancient Egyptian ceremony known as the “Raising of the Djed Pillar”, in which the reigning Pharaoh took part during the Heb Sed Festival, which was held around the time of the Autumn Equinox – Choiak – the fourth month of the innundation season of the Nile known as Akhet – has long been considered a ritual associated with fertility, rebirth, resurrection and renewal.

Major Features:

    • 4 horizontal bars mounted to a vertical shaft
    • Vertical strips between each bar
    • These strips are on both of the sides of the Djed creating a snakelike design
    • 4 bands around neck of the shaft
    • The Djed base stands on a rectangular formation for stability
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