Eternal Life:

Throughout the ages, the creator has always communicated with the people through signs and symbols for understanding how to live in harmony on earth.  The Ancient culture has used this symbol to show the understanding of “Eternal Life”, a physical and spiritual representation of the male and female reproduction.

This is a spiritual principle which represents that “life” will continue to be created for eternity as long as their is the representation of male and female energies present.  Therefore, you are and have the abilities of the true creator, whom created this Universe we exist in. According to An Ethiopian Journal, “The Twa and Hutu take us back into at least 400,000 B.C.E. (Before the Common “Christian” Era) in terms of artifacts. The most ancient of these artifacts, one of the most important in Egypt, is called the “Ankh,” which the Christians adopted and called the “Crux Ansata” or “Ansata Cross.” The Ankh was there amongst these people, equally the “Crook” and “Flail.”

The pronunciation of the symbol is “an-kh”.  Also, in the Papyrus of Ani (2nd edit, tablet 2) the Ankh rises from the Tet, and the arms project from it in support to the disk of the sun.

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