A Look Back Into the Past…

Ancient cultures for centuries have understood that we live in a dual world.  One world consisting of an ethereal body as the higher mind and one body of manifestation within the material world. For instance, Kundalini yoga honors the existence of the Ten Bodies: the physical body, three mental bodies, and six energy bodies, while Ancient Egyptians believed that the physical body served as a temporary home for ka, or eternal life force, and the ba, also known as the soul. Over the ages a common thread woven through beliefs surrounding sheaths of being appears to be that these layers can in fact be separated, whether it be by force or by choice, during an out of body experience.

(OBE) Out of Body Experiences

Astral projection is certainly a more powerful and one of the most mystifying forms of OBE, during which one’s soul separates from the physical body and traverses the astral plane with the utmost intention.  Near death experiences, moments of trauma, illness, or otherwise, lucid dreaming (awareness that one is dreaming), and clairvoyance(the ability to gain information by way of sensory powers beyond touch, ordinary sight, and other senses), but include other incidences beyond description as well.  This process is achieved by leaving the physical body, where the astral body can hover and observe an environment, or traverse across the globe and beyond spans of time to wherever intuition seeks. Those practicing astral projection are extremely aware of the extraction of their consciousness from their physical form, as well as bringing one’s soul back to its body. Over the course of time, several successful astral projection methods have revealed, and have revealed themselves as being safe and effective.



According to Bob Monroe, founder of The Monroe Institute, penned a body of work titled “Journeys Out of the Body” in 1971.  It provides a detailed outline for how to astral project one’s self in seven steps:

  1.  Relax, both physically and mentally.
  2.  Enter a hypnogenic state, or half-sleep.
  3.  Deepen the state by prioritizing mental sensation over physical sensation
  4.  Pay attention to the presence of vibration in your environment, which becomes apparent in a state of deep attention.
  5. Incur the vibration in your physical body, and relax into its presence. The purpose of this is to gently jiggle the subtle body out of the physical body.
  6. Focus your thoughts on leaving the limbs and the torso, and try to do so one at a time.
  7. Known as “lifting out,” focus on effortlessly drifting out of your physical body.


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