What is Sekhem?

Sekhem is an Egyptian word that has been translated as spiritual power, might and authority.  It is also the word that describes chi, ki, prana and generally the healing life energy. Sekhem is the Sun energy associated with our physical Sun and the Central Spiritual Sun. Sekhem is very highly vibrational healing system and living consciousness that continues to expand and grow as we expand and grow.

Sekhem attunement brings a break through and new fresh beginnings in all aspects of our lives.It is said that it was practiced by the Priesthood in the ancient temples of Egypt where priests and priestesses used it not only for healing but for all aspects of living including the expansion of consciousness, philosophical and alchemical knowledge.

The purpose of Sekhem is to help us step fully into our own power. It is a very dynamic energy that flows very strongly while enlivening those parts of us that are not functioning at their optimal level.

How is Sekhem taught?sekhem1

It is taught in a similar manner to Reiki where attunements/initiations are given. Symbols are placed in one’s energy field to enable them to become a channel for this energy. Once you are attuned you have acquired a tool that will always be available to you and a simple intention to run Sekhem will activate the flow through your hands.

What does Sekhem healing feel like?

Sekhem frequency brings in the higher dimensions of being while strengthening and clearing one’s connection to the Divine within and without by helping us to manifest progressively larger portions of our Soul/Divine into the physical through co-creating with the Universe and the Source. Soul healing, higher soul lessons, karmic healing and karmic lessons, collectively and individually, start becoming a part of our daily routines opening us to the infinity of being.

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