Combating HSV I& II with Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine also known as “TCM” is being used in studies to combat the well known disease called herpes.  Its something that lots of people don’t talk about with their significant other because they are embarrassed.  However, TCM has taken a different approach in attacking the problem head on with ancient science by correcting the qi, or vital energy that carries an imbalance within the body.  This energy corresponds to the internal organs where the liver becomes blocked with mucous.  A term  call “phlegm” by TCM practitioners  is the thickened, sluggish body fluids that result from stagnant qi. This causes a herpes outbreak once phlegm accumulates and breaks through the surface of the skin.

Chinese Formula

According to a TCM doctor their formula for herpes is a kudzu decoction, a popular formula that includes licorice, peony, ginger, jujube and cinnamon. The kudzu helps release any tightness in the body, while the other herbs increase circulation.

Foods That Help

There are also preventive foods that will help such as peanuts, raisins, chocolate and other high rich Arginine amino acid.  Furthermore, the decreased intake of processed sugar will facilitate your immune system to help fight off the virus and keep outbreaks at bay because sugar suppresses your white blood cells from doing their job as virus killers.

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