Next time you say Amen, think about the medical and biological significance of a passage of fluid from the third ventricle to the lateral ventricle of the brain.  Let’s break down the areas of the Foramen as it pertains to the human body within the skull.  It’s time we stop living in the world of illusion and take the occult lessons seriously to understand the treasures of the human mind.

Internal Cranial Drama: posterior cranial fossa

The posterior cranial fossa is above the vertebral column and the muscles of the back of the neck. According to the anatomical structure of the human brain from the Britannica, the foramen magnum, the opening through which the brain and the spinal cord make connection, is in the lowest part of the fossa. Between its forward margin and the base of the dorsum sellae is a broad, smooth, bony surface called the clivus (Latin for “hill”). The bridgelike pons and the pyramid-like medulla oblongata of the brain stem lie upon the clivus and are separated from the bone only by their coverings. Near the foramen magnum are ridges for attachment of folds of the dura mater.

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