Today marks a pivotal milestone in our historical journey towards black liberation in America.

Peace Family,

On this day in 1921, the successful black owned and operated community of Greenwood aka “Black Wall Street” in Tulsa, Oklahoma had already been completely burned to the ground by an agitated mob of over 2000 white supremacist.

After three straight days of non stop violence and brutality – Martial Law ensued, and the National Guard was called in to assist in what is known as the worst “Race Riot” in Amerikkkan history. (Be sure to read the full story in the upcoming issue of HOTEP@ Magazine – June 20th)

This is an occasion to hold in reverence and recognize the betrayal this country has always provided our people so that we never forget the level of hate fostered by white supremacy. More importantly – we must always honor, uplift and affirm the triumphant nature of our people. WE must emulate the success of Greenwood. WE must think as one people. WE must be willing to work together to build and promote collective economics as a cultural pillar for our survival.

Will you join us?

Never Forget
One People. One Mind.

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