Lyrical Legend Common puts his voice to the collective struggle, deceptions, and oppression thrusted upon Black America.

When I first heard this I thought; Damn! Thats fire – and thought the same thing every time after! This freestyle is a rally cry to the Black community. We struggle for unity more than any other culture on the planet. We have 1 trillion of spending power in America, yet we spend it all outside our community. Why is that? We are the ultimate consumer culture yet we produce so very little. As a people we have over 1 trillion dollars of spending power, yet we spend it all outside our community. I watch our people support the Asian fish fry spot off 610 all day every Friday -non stop! I then think would we show the same support if the establishment was black owned? That has to stop. The only ones that can change our condition is us! Economic Power leads to Political Power. Make it your mission to support a black business and circulate the black dollar. We need a Black America again!

Peace. Love. And Black Family.


Blackout Coalition


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