God Bless Amerikka! The often-proclaimed “land of the free and home of the brave” – I call bullshit! I call bullshit and every Black person living in America should too.

When have we ever been free? Most of us put on a face and take our tired asses to work and smile for our “co-workers” just in hopes to be liked (tolerated) enough – not get fired. I wonder; do white people know this about us? Or do they believe the face that we put on for them is really us?! Either way they always “act” like they have no idea why black people in this country act out in discontent with the status quo of bigotry, and business as usual. They seem confused as to the root of black frustration.

This past month the 2016 Olympics were held in Rio Brazil and boy did our melanated brothers and sisters put on a show. I salute all my brothers and sisters who competed and placed in their respective events; but it was made evident that athletes too, are expected to “put on that face” even with the current climate of hatred and repeated assignations of black people here; – they are still expected to smile for the camera as if they are unaffected.

I salute in particular Gabby Douglas along with Colin Kaepernick for their gestures of discontent with the treatment and subjugation of blacks in Amerikkka. New reports flooded the air waves claiming Douglas was “un-patriotic” for not placing her hand over her heart during the US awards ceremony. Colin Kaepernick too became a major new story by refusing to stand during the national anthem. Well I say! BigUps to them both! These athletes and many others are taking a stand and displaying in an obvious and meaningful way – FUCK Amerikkka! My only questions is; what don’t white people understand about that?

Peace. Love. And Black Family!

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