Building Healthy Kids

The HAPPY Org, is an organization dedicated to building healthy kids through healthy foods, activities and nutrition education.

The below information is their work motto, mission and target audience for a healthy culture.

 HAPPY’s Work

The HAPPY Organization inspires generations of healthy, active, positive, purposeful youth by giving them direct and positive experiences with healthy food, nutrition education, fun physical activities, and social and emotional activities.

HAPPY’s Mission

We engage, educate, and inspire youth to embrace healthy habits, and transform their lives by providing vital nutrition education, cooking, social, and emotional programs.

HAPPY’s Target Audience

The HAPPY Organization generally targets youth in grades 2-5, using engaging lesson plans, hands-on cooking activities, and fun physical activities to help educate, raise awareness, and affect healthy behavior changes.

We believe that effective learning and lasting healthy behavior change comes from giving kids first hand experience with preparing health foods, as well as access to basic nutrition education, and opportunities to engage in fun physical, social, and emotional activities.

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