The New School is “N”

I’ve always wanted to know the real educational strategy dictating our future leaders for tomorrow within our educational system.  Well, I received an interesting text from a good brother, who wanted to shed some light on the  “Alice in Wonderland” educational school system.  He sent me one of the educational tools being given to our students in understanding and defining words within sentences.  Take a look at the picture below.

The below statement is a little hard to read however; we will help you understand the exact question:

  1. Dignity: Even when the police officers put the handcuffs on my mother, she maintained her dignity, holding her head up high as she was marched off the protest site.


What clues in the sentence lead you to your definition?



This information has to be questioned among our communities and we have to become more involved in our educational studies.  The document showcased came from a 2nd grade class that holds 99% black student population in Houston,Texas public school system.  We and I mean “Parents” have to take back our students education by reading and studying with them in QT Sessions to uplift their potential of success in a poisonous system.

QT Sessions

  • Ask to see your children’s homework and notes
  • Take at least 30 minutes to go over their coursework
  • Take another 30 minutes to go over questions and answers of interest

As a result, we can clearly see that the public school system is not in an effort to help our community but destroy it by using mental psychological tricks through language arts to define and create an inferior position for our children to see.


Start Studying with Your Children!!! Ask Questions!!


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