The vibration of “Our Mothers” play a significant role in our lives and represent the feminine principle of unconditional love as the nurturer of all life.

Just like the earth heals the world through nature, it’s also embodied within the genetic makeup of a Mother’s love. Many during this month will only celebrate a “day” for the one who would wipe the crust off your cheek with a wet thumb in public.

We all adore our Mothers for their unconditional love to bear the unspeakable pain to bring forth life and applaud her selflessness for placing everyone else’s needs above her own for the good of the whole. Our Mother’s are the true heads of the family and hold the foundation for our future generations of young women to excel to greatness.

Let’s change the thought process of one day to every day – through words and deeds. The European Colonialism has created an illusion while glamorizing this day for exploitation of finance from our people for over 30 years.  Therefore, our Mother’s strength will no longer be swept away through superficial displays of affection but highlighted with dignity and reference.  Take the time today to hug your mother and cook for her.  We Salute All “Mothers 365” Long Live the Queen!

Peace and Black Love
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