The State of Black Love

We’ve seen everything from a football dynasty fall to a mass shootings. As we set sail on our yearly journey we would like for other like minds to share in this adventure of enlightenment to advance as a people.

Our wealth together as one force can always stretch when the egos of men have grown beyond the lower nature of self-gratification.

Why are we not reaping the benefits of celebrating “Black History Month”?
Who wants to go in on a patent?

The free press media is your voice! If used correctly; the media can help our community generate long-term wealth and restore the perpetual well-being of our communities. Regardless, of our place in time we, the “New Age” thinkers are advancing in a positive direction towards a  rebirth for the new year through the Spring Equinox.

Therefore, we ask all those who want to revolutionize our condition through creative content to join us in a collaborative movement in unity to take back what’s rightfully owed to our people.

Ase and Hotep

Sylvester Turner Survey 728×90


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