First off, we would like to thank all those who have supported us over the past four years in our endeavors to uplift fallen humanity.  We lost almost everything in the storm from computer equipment to houses being flooded but the Universal Creator saw fit for us to come back into our own.  Once again we want to say gratitude to all of our contributors, sponsors, and volunteers who continued to stick with us through those tough times.

The Harvey Hurricane dropped over one trillion gallons of water on H-Town in August of 2017 but the suffering still goes on in November 2017.  Many homes are still underwater along with many Houstonians being displaced and awaiting the much-needed assistance from groups like FEMA and the Red Cross.  Billions of dollars have been allocated to Texas for disaster and recovery efforts but whose benefiting?  It’s unclear how the dispensation of monies will be distributed over the next coming months.

According to the well-known media outlet Al Jazeera, Dr. Robert Bullard, an advocate for the environmental justice movement commented on a serious issue facing the city when he states, “It’s ok to put a landfill, an incinerator, or a garbage dump, a refinery in black and brown communities…If you look at a map vulnerability and proximity of these dangerous facilities, they’re not randomly distributed…Race is the most potent factor that determines where these facilities are located.”

As one of the nation’s largest diverse cities banning together in each area of the city seemed commonplace.  Houstonians placed their egos to the side to assist there fellow man in need.  The storm hit all alike whether your status was high, middle or low-class.

As the Houstonian spirit continues to rise, the recent events of The Astros World Series win has brought Houstonians together once again but for a joyous occasion.  The Bayou City exudes the term “Houston Strong” in assisting my fellow man when the powers at be do not assist those who truly deserve it.  H-Town has been through many adversities and will lead the nation in what it means to uplift your fellow man through principles such as Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

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