Many of us have always and somehow will continue to celebrate Christmas – so just for the record…”   

The Carnal Christmas  – The truth of Christmas in its carnal sense is tied to the “Christmas machine” of creating mass amounts of finance off the people.

The Forbes Forecast – According to Forbes forecast, “The total expected holiday sales this year are actually expected to exceed $1 trillion. That represents a 3.6% to 4% increase over 2015.” Furthermore, the average amount U.S. adults plan to spend on holiday-related items this holiday season. (International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), “The 2016 ICSC Super Saturday study”)

Also, the religious Christian story of Jesus birth is the basis of having a merry spirit in love for all mankind.  As a result, this faulty spirit is expressed by displaying extravagant trees, lights, caroling, kind words, keep the spirit of being merry in the atmosphere.

Save Your Money – Therefore, discounts, promotional items and deals become the focal point of every American household.  The objection of Christmas becomes one of carnal events of displaying love through something materialistic in nature. So, some would say vampires only work in night but vampires work all year long sucking the energy out of their victims.   

Make a decision this year to change the paradigm and stop following Christian concepts and culture that does not define your ancestral make up.

Honor the Ancients – Honor your own father and mother who represent your heritage and know that this time of year is based solely on taking money from you and your household.

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