The so called “African American” is always depending on a new President to change their outcome. When in the last 60 years has the outcome ever favored our race besides the last two terms of Barrack Obama.  Consequently, even with his election he had to clean up a lot of the disasters from George Bush Jr.’s terms.

When will, the African Americans realize that we need to take care of our own, build our own stores, create our own wealth within our own communities. In the 1920’s, African Americans were industrious, innovators and creators.  After integration, our wealth dwindled along with our businesses.  We accepted integration and started taking our dollar out of our neighborhoods to amalgamate with the European.  This was the ultimate downfall of our race.  So, what’s next? What shall we do now that we have yet another President that does not fit our bill.

Do we finally have enough anger to swell a separation to build wealth for our nation? How do we never get caught sleep and unconscious again as a nation?  The answers to both questions are simple.  There is an old ancient rule to unity,

“Together we stand, divided we fall”! 

It seems like a cliché saying but oh it rings very true.  Let’s stop being DEPENDANT and start being INDEPENDENT as a NATION!  NO MORE EXCUSES!

Literal Substance

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