Just two dope boys and a desire to bring about positive change in their community

We started out as a group of close like-minded young brothers. We wanted to form a way to change the perception and expectations of black men in our community.  It was at that moment that the seed of purpose had been planted in us. We simply wanted change, yet had no solid idea about how to achieve it or what our nurtured vision would grow to be.

The point of the story is not to explain how we got started; but to explain how you get started. All you need to do is plant that seed.  We want to be the source for harvesting and helping to cultivate that seed. Not everyone will agree with every message, concept, or opinion expressed through literal substance, but that was by the creators design.

We don’t claim to have cornered the market on knowledge, consciousness or blackness – not Africa, Black, Negro, nor Colored, etc. Our method of healing our people is through truth information.

We merely want to serve as the vessel to help distribute true information to our people; and allow each person to find what is truth for them, what works for them. We – “Black People” are all unique and individual; but our mind, body and spirit must act collectively as one.

I thank you for your time; and cheers to real substance!

Literal Substance

Editorial Team

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