Confessions of the Pope

Most truth seekers realize that Republic of the United States was transformed into an organization in 1871, and the U.S. Company is eventually claimed by the Vatican. This element in this letter gives the pope or the Vatican the power.

The letter was posted August 19, 2015; however, this posting was sent to President over a year prior, July fourth, 2014. The letter not only affirms that the U.S. is working under a partnership, it likewise affirms that General Carter Ham will be heading up the New Republic when it is declared.

I trust the declaration is a portion of the NESARA (National Economic Security and Recovery Act) declarations.  When NESARA  speaks publicly, the new interim president becomes the president of the new republic for six months after which free elections are held. We can then elect the interim president for another four years or elect someone else.

Please click the link below to read the original Pope Francis Letter:


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