Denounce TransHumanism

The above video is a detailed look at  Zoltan Istav and his vision to become President.  Although, his dream to become President seems to be fading away here are his thoughts on his movement

“My Immortality Bus trip — a cross-country bus journey to spread the word about my Transhumanist Party campaign for the 2016 U.S. presidency, along with the need for a pro-science and longevity culture — aims to stir up the national consciousness as well.My goal is to usher in a cultural shift to transhumanism — the idea that human capacity can be enhanced by technology.

To start, I got a chip implanted in my hand.

Approximately, 9 years ago in the video below we were warned by NBC News that by 2017, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Data) chips would be the new wave of the future for identification and purchasing goods in human hands.

We as a people have to now be vigilant and closely inspect what the medical and technology industries are doing.  The medical arena is one that certanily needs attention in accordance with the EMHRS (Emergency Medical Health Records Systems). Therefore, pay start paying attention to all documents that are signed in the hospitals concerning implants (or the term “Electronic Devices”, etc.)

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