Hate Crimes On Churches:

Some might say if you don’t pay attention, one is doomed to suffer the same consequences.  The past will repeat itself if we never acknowledge the lessons.  We as a people have danced around the truth for years and have ignored the problem because of our comfortable jobs, cars and homes.

4 girls alabama  Our fire has been smothered and calmed with materialism wealth with no substance.  In the end, the only people who suffer in the future are the children.  From the bombing in Birmingham of 1963, where 4 innocent little girls were murdered at the 16th Street Baptist Church to the present day shooting of 9 people dead during bible study in South Carolina at Emmanuel AME  Church.

“We will never forget your lives.  Peace, love and blessings to all of the fallen ancestors.  We love you and until we meet again. ” – Ashe


Let’s take a stand and work together as a nation to correct the past errors to create a better future for our children.

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