Our famed elder has transitioned from this physical plane. It’s times like these that we must focus on the teachings of our ancestors.

Dr. Sebi was a revered wholistic healer whom suffered levels of scrutiny and political attacks that would rival a candidate for president. In the face of constant adversity, our beloved Dr Sebi proved all doubters with his findings and treatments that showed all this methods and claims were indeed accurate and based on scientific fact. The warrior spirit remained rooted in Dr Sebi when meet with political opposition when requesting to begins independent practices within the US. Many patrons visited the Dr. Sebi’s healing island resort and were relieved of their ills. A great spirt will be missed.

The incidents surround the death of our Elder are up for debate, many are claiming foul play (I wouldn’t be surprised…). but we know to look as what others call “death” a transition. We make the transition from energy contained within a physical shell into an unseen spiritual dimension. Physics teaches us that energy is neither created nor destroyed. With this in mind; our dear Elder Sebi will be greatly missed on this plane, but it is our duty to rely on his eternal energy and continue his teachings and legacy for the collective betterment of our people.

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