A Man Saves A Young Lady

As the security beefs up, so does the vigilante spirit of the H-Town citizens.  According to the Houston Chronicle, ”

Shahiyd Hajar-El spotted the two men as he was walking downtown Sunday night after the buses had stopped running. They were assaulting a woman, who lay convulsing on a sidewalk near Bell and Main. One fled after Hajar-El started yelling, the other after he pulled the assailant off the woman.

Hajar-El, 30, of Houston, not only thwarted the rape but rescued a woman who had apparently been kidnapped in Ohio and brought to Houston to work as a prostitute during Super Bowl LI.

“I was just thinking, just to save her,” he said. “That’s the only thing I was thinking.”

The victim woman, 21, whom officials said was mentally disabled, told authorities she had been kidnapped about two weeks ago by a Houston man in Dayton, Ohi
o.”He snatched her, put her in a car, and drove down here,” said Kathryn Griffin-Townsend, a former prostitute and survivor of domestic violence who now works at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office with victims of domestic violence and trafficking.

Drug trafficking

As the tensions  heat up among the Houston Night life, you can rest assure that there will always be someone watching in the thick of the night.


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