The “highly anticipated” Alliyah M.A.C. cosmetics collection is set to launch on June 20th (the day after Juneteenth) for online shopper and June 21 in stores according to twitter. The billion dollar cosmetic corporation M.A.C; also recently announced a casting call to create an “A-Z of Aaliyah” short film tied to the launch. We have heard this song before – they sell, we buy…They have played this song for the past century; and here it is again.

Sure, I rocked Alliyah back in the day. I even remember leaving a clip of “One in a Million” on my girlfriends answering machine (youngsters; ask your mamma about that).  My point is not to bash women or the use of cosmetics, but to bring awareness to the song we have all heard before.

Times in this country have grown to the point where as a community we are looked at as the grown kid that sits at the kids table. We seem to always be the engine but never the conductor.  This is yet another example of how corporate entities perceived us as senseless consumers.

“Just put a Black face on a product and they will buy it” – They look at us as dollars – (cattle).

When will we decide to go vegan on they asses? Become producers rather than consumers. Collectively; we have over 1 trillion dollars in annual economic spending power, yet we own nothing – that makes no sense. We must take control of our economic power and wield it as a weapon of positive change and progress for the collective.

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