Stock up for the inevitable

Many probably never heard of the Baltic Dry Index, which tracks amd monitors all ships and cargo throughout the world.

According to Michael Snyder, writer of activist post states, “For the first time ever, the Baltic Dry Index has fallen under 400. As I write this article, it is sitting at 394. To be honest, I never even imagined that it could go this low. Back in early August, the Baltic Dry Index was sitting at 1,222, and since then it has been on a steady decline. Of course the Baltic Dry Index crashed hard just before the great stock market crash of 2008 too, but at this point it is already lower than it was during that entire crisis.

However, what is not being broadcasted is that the index took a major hit in January especially ships moving cargo from Europe to America. Many of our goods that comes to our eastern shores provide food, water, toiletries,etc.

Therefore, it’s best to start investing now and stock up on those essentials such as can goods, water, toiletries

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