Student Loans going, going, gone…

Many of us have accrued outstanding amounts of student debt in the quest to pursue a education in order to obtain the dream job.  However, the dream job in the United States of America collegiate system comes with a heavy price.

The job market does not seem to value the efforts of those who obtain a 4 year degree which increases the deficit borrowed by each student.

According to the Daily Intelligencer, “44 million people collectively carry $1.4 trillion in student debt. That giant pile of financial obligations isn’t just a burden on individual borrowers, but on the nation’s entire economy. The astronomical rise in the cost of college tuition — combined with the stagnation of entry-level wages for college graduates — has depressed the purchasing power of a broad, and growing, part of the labor force.”

Therefore, lets change the system by creating our jobs and attend trade schools instead of borrowing a debt that can never be repaid.  All student debt holders change the game today!



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