Feeling Emotional

The Dalai Lama has began to tap into the technological industry by creating a website that is concentrated on understanding your feelings.

According to Chris Weller from the Tech Insider, “With the help of Paul Ekman, a psychologist who consulted on the 2015 Pixar film “Inside Out,” and the data visualization firm Stamen Design, the Dalai Lama has launched a new website meant to give people a map for understanding their feelings.”

It’s called the “Atlas of Emotions.”

Once you look into a specific continent, a sidebar appears giving you the choice to learn more about that emotion’s states, actions, triggers, and mood.

Each state is divided along a continuum of intensity. Enjoyment, for example, ranges from sensory pleasure (like the texture of a juicy steak or the beauty of an art exhibit) all the way up to ecstasy, which Ekman’s research defines here as “Rapturous delight. A state of very great happiness, nearly overwhelming.”

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